Federal regulations require all Dental Practices to have required health and safety programs. Some of these regulations can be complicated for someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience in the health and safety field.

We can review your current programs for compliance or even write new customized programs for you that comply with all federal OSHA standards. This will save time to let Dentists or other Dental professionals focus on dentistry.

Written OSHA mandated program compliance.

  • OSHA requires each dental office to have and follow a variety of written compliance programs.  These range from Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication (and Safety Data Sheets), Personal Protective Equipment, Ionizing Radiation (X-Ray and Laser), and Respiratory Protection.

  • We will review your office’s needs and create a customized OSHA manual that includes the required OSHA programs tailored to your office's specific needs.

  • OSHA requires each of these written programs to be reviewed and certified annually.

Facility inspection by a certified safety professional.

  • Verify your site is OSHA compliant with mock office OSHA inspection.
  • Have your practice inspected by a Certified Safety Professional who has been training at the OSHA Institute with the same OSHA inspectors who could be inspecting your facility. There are complicated OSHA regulations that only a trained inspector knows to look for. Have a fresh set of eyes look for problems that might have gone unnoticed.

Have you already experienced an OSHA inspection and need help complying with the new industry standards?

Yes, I need help!

Do you comply with all Federal OSHA regulations that apply to Dental Practices?

  • Do you have an Emergency Action Plan?
  • Do you have a Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
  • Do you have a Hazard Communication Plan?
  • Do you have a Radiation Safety Program?
  • Have you completed your annual OSHA training?

If you answered no to any of these questions you could be subject to fines from OSHA that could range from $13,260-$132,598 per violation!   Not to mention negative press, employee morale, worker’s compensation claims, or lost time injury factors.

Making a commitment to your employee’s safety and health has many values:

  • Prevent injuries/illness
  • Save life’s
  • Save money
  • Demonstrate a commitment to your employees
  • Promote positive workplace morale
  • Improve management/employee relationship

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